Mother – Lilongwe, Malawi 2010

Spray painting, oil, african textiles and polyester wadding on canvas

Across Africa women can be seen carrying sleeping or sometimes giggling babies on their backs or their front, swathed in cloth. The babies move to the sway of their mothers' hips, synchronised throughout the day, bending with them as they collect water or sweep the floor and rising again when the women stop to rest. They hang on as their mothers sell food in the market or pray at a church or mosque. The baby on the back is actually following the mother in warmth and comfort. The baby feels safer, and safer people are happier people. Africans consider the traditional method of toting their children the only true version of day care. When it's time for feeding, the food is right there as a mother shifts her child to the front of her body, nestling the infant to her breast.

  • Project : Mother - Lilongwe, Malawi 2010
  • Year : 2021
  • Dimensions : 140 x 110 cm